downward dog

i was talking to a friend of mine the other day.
we were having dinner and i was telling her about my back dilemma.

i really hate not being able to work out.

now there is a sentence i never imagined saying….ever
but it’s the truth.

she suggested i pull out my yoga DVD and do that until my back was feeling stronger.
brilliant idea!!!
all the stretches could only be good for my back yes?

So i was excited to get home and get some physical activity in.
It’s been about a year since i tried yoga.
the last time i did it….there was one move (forgive me but i have no idea what it’s called…maybe my friend j can tell me!)
anyways…this move requires you to balance your knees on your elbows.
the first couple of times i was able to do it.  the last time i ever attempted that specific move… i literally fell on my face.  hence why that was the last time.
funny now…not so much then!

So out came the DVD…and i was ready.

what i did not factor in to the whole equation, was this little bundle of joy that has taken over my home…and my heart.

apparently she has a panache for yoga.  she got down on the mat with me…she climbed on my back when i was on my belly
she got between my legs…
i think she even tried to bite my butt.

Yoga lasted 10 minutes last night.

I shall have to figure something out.  I can’t give up working out cause she thinks it’s play time, but i also don’t want to accidentally kick her in the head when i am kicking turbo jams ass.

So in the mean time i either work out while she’s sleeping…or i crate her.  i really don’t want to crate her though.

oh the dilemma ehh?

Yoga was a failure last night….but today is a whole new day.

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2 thoughts on “downward dog

  1. jmjbookblog

    I can’t imagine balancing my knees on my elbows! I would probably topple over and break my neck! lol I can imagine how easy it would be to accidentally kick little Kali…but I would feel sad putting her in her crate when she wanted to just be near you…it’s not easy being a MoM! 🙂 I hope you get in your yoga, somehow, and that your back starts feeling better. Take care, bee! 🙂 (that picture looks like the great danes we had when I was growing up…Penny and Duchess. 🙂


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