back to the real world

it’s crazy how difficult it is to get back on track…and back into a routine.
all morning my belly was grumbling like an angry bear – “feed me, feed me!!!!!
but it didn’t want anything remotely low carb. 
no no no. 
it was anti low carb.
anyone who has fallen off the low carb wagon knows how bloody hard it is to get back on it.
it’s not that i don’t like the way that i eat…cause i reaaalllly do.  it’s my body’s addiction to the sugar…and so it craves it.
it’s so much easier to cave in then to stand strong.
i have been way too lax with my eating these past 2 weeks.  i allowed small treats into my life…full well knowing that when the vacation was over so was the “bad” food.
so now my appetite is insatiable.  i won’t even tell you what i ate last night (all according to plan mind you)
and today i felt like i hadn’t eaten in days!!!!!
this will pass in a couple of days.  i can ride it out.  i have before.
wow – i gotta say…a small part of me ( a very minute, itty bitty part of me) is happy to be back to the real world.
i have figured out the only way to success is through structure…
so….i’m baaaaaack!

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4 thoughts on “back to the real world


    OMG, I’m so right there with your every word!!! I’m doing low carb and I am starving all the time. I also feel like I haven’t eaten in days. I guess it’s just our bodies way of survival and not wanting to go to the stored sugar (fat). I haven’t had a 100% successful day yet since I’ve been back. I feel like I’m getting more willpower every day though.

    1. losing bee Post author

      i’ve been more on track than off…but a couple days of clean eating will take away that hunger. tomorrow is a new day Maria, maybe it will be 100% successful. if not there is the day after. never give up!

  2. jmjbookblog

    Yes, we’re all back to the real world…the days of Christmas goodies is back on the shelf for another year…although there are still a few stray homemade cookies around…I should never have told my mother how much I love those little things that taste like tiny pecan pies the size of a silver dollar. They are the devil in disguise!!! 😦


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