ummm, ouch

k, i think i may have jinxed myself yesterday….

you know, writing about my sore back???

’cause holy crap did it get worse.

last night…i was almost in tears from the pain…that had spread all the way down my left leg…

not fun

i was awake until about 4am…in pain and a very unhappy, irritated bee…perhaps even a tad whiny…which really is unheard of!

i dropped an advil…and got some lovely muscle relaxing type o’ pills this morning.

i have decided…with much, much regret….that working out must wait.

if the pain does not dissipate in a day or 2…perhaps a visit to my doctor is in order…and maybe a kick ass muscle relaxant too 😉

bah humbug.

although….when taking these pills i do feel much better…i could kick some serious turbo jam ass….but i am afraid in the end, it would be my ass it would be kicking.

ohhhh the drama.
do you feel sorry for me??
maybe a little cheese for my whine?
Imagine…no choice but to sit here and relax and get all the puppy loving in the world.
life is ruff.

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11 thoughts on “ummm, ouch

  1. ziggy

    i have a real crunchy old spine – and need to go in for my yearly PMI’s (old air force term for Preventative Maintenance Inspections) and get some investigative work done on my sciatic symptoms, so I do sympathize. A good hot soak with epsom salts and eucalyptus will help a lot. Light some candles, make some herbal tea (no booze with the pain killers please) WITH A NICE LONG NAP with all the critters.
    pics please of the cats and puppy….take care and get well…you uppity butt kicking woman…. and if you are feeling blue – YOUTUBE “Wild Women Don’t Get the Blues”.

    1. losing bee Post author

      thanks Maria 🙂 i’ve been totally chilling. thinking about starting up again tomorrow…or might just wait until my vacation is officially over.

  2. jmjbookblog

    I hope that your back/leg is feeling better…if you have pain off center at the flat of your back which goes down your leg it might be periformis syndrome. I had that problem a couple of years ago…I was in pain 24/7 for almost a month until I found info online. If you do a search you will find more detailed information on this. Once I started doing what the sites posted the pain was gone in about a week. 🙂

    1. losing bee Post author

      hi jm, i am feeling a little better thank you! i haven’t popped any pills since this morning. i am sore and stiff, but the leg pain is pretty much gone, but the pills were making me feel unwell. thank you for thinking of me 🙂


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