finding balance

with my vacation approved, booked and approaching ever so quickly
i find that i am….


god knows i am due.  i am in dire need of some R&R.
the last time i had a vacation was back in june.  was that really 6 months ago??

as i am counting down the days, i am also feeling a little anxious.

i mean, a vacation is all about relaxing, rejuvenating, repleneshing…and believe me i have every intention of doing just that.

how do you balance both worlds??
how can i find ways to keep active and not feel like a complete lazy bum?

when i was on vacation last time, eating low carb was pretty easy…no one gave me grief or tried to sway me.
and i don’t see myself being swayed this time around either.
i guess it’s cause i really enjoy what i eat.  it’s not the eating i am worried about.

but working out?
that’s a whole other story.  will i actually want to work out, knowing this is the time for my mind and body to rest?

maybe i’ll do some extra walking, cause in all honesty…i just can’t see myself being stagnant.
is this going to drive me crazy?

anywaaaaays just sayin’.

there will be more about my vacation on the blog next door 🙂

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