snap crackle pop

i have a secret to tell you.

lean in



I am not as limber as i used to be.
it’s true.

if you’re over 30, i want you to try something for me.
humour me for a second.

next time you are in a wide open space, like perhaps an empty office hallway…
do a cart wheel.
(not that i would ever consider doing something like that at work)


you can’t can you???

I have tried.  I have stood there trying to get my nerve up to actually do a cartwheel, arms up in the air…ready to fly… and i just stand there frozen.

try. i dare you.

I’ve asked other people about this…and they all share this feeling.

I don’t know if it’s an age thing.  i don’t know if it’s a fear of breaking a hip thing.  i don’t know what it is, but i just can’t do it.

When i was a child, i remember sitting with relatives at family gatherings….and when my godmother or aunt etc stood up…they would grunt and groan, things would crack, they would grab their lower back and have a pained look on their face.
i knew…the day i started doing that… i was old.
kids, i’ve been doing that for years!

I wake up in the morning and i sound like a bowl of rice crispies…snap crackle POP!

Sure I’m not as limber anymore…even tho i am double jointed 🙂
my favourite position to sit in is cross legged – Indian style.  As a matter of fact…that’s how i am sitting right now.
not too shabby ehh?

When i do my ab routine, all you hear for 20 minutes are various parts of my body cracking….and it actually makes me giggle.
There have been a few times when i am doing my cardio and a kick makes my hip pop…and i mean loudly.

it’s all good.  i accept it.

my body still works wonderfully.  I can do anything…anything at all.
except cartwheels of course.

the point is, i can’t expect to be 17 years old anymore.  believe me, my boobs wish they were.

my body is beautiful.  every stretch mark, every crack, every ache and imperfection.
it is perfectly me.

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2 thoughts on “snap crackle pop

  1. jmjbookblog

    I have never been able to do cart wheels my entire life! lol My mother was always worried I would get hurt so she put a fear in me that has never left. When my grandchildren do cart wheels I have to bite my tongue so I won’t make them nervous because inside I’m that little girl again hearing all the dire things that could happen to me – mostly a broken neck! I applaud you that you’ve done them! 🙂

  2. slovie64

    That cartwheel thing is hysterical! I actually tried one a few years back, in my living room, in front of my kids. I was sorta tipsy at the time, and it wasn’t pretty. I fell halfway through and got a rug burn on my knee.
    Isn’t it funny how we did it effortlessly as kids, but NOW the thought of our body defying gravity in such a manner seems impossible?


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