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cookie monster

my office building had their annual Christmas lunch.

Turkey and stuffing and all the trimmings.
can you say yummy!!!

Not sure if i have talked about my work lunch program here or on the blog next door. 
Considering this is my food/health blog i will assume i have rambled here.
Anyways…awesome lunch program here.  I get a sweet lunch for less than a $1.50 a day.

Anywho…i decided i would take a cookie for my dessert. 
Bad bee i know.
But listen, i gave up the mashed potatoes so there is something to be said about that.

So it was time to eat my cookie (which i thought was shortbread but was not)
I took two bites and threw it away.
it was disgusting!!  (sorry kitchen ladies)

See…i hate sugar!

then again, my cookie monster bff threw his away too.  maybe i didn’t lose my sweet tooth…
maybe, just maybe i got a crap cookie.

pooey on the cookie

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work it!


i was thinking about a conversation i had with a friend the other day.
I actually have this conversation quite often.
her reasoning for not working out is that she just doesn’t have the time.  I totally get that feeling.  I understand that life is busy.  sometimes i wonder where i will find the time to breathe.
if you want something bad enough…you find the time.  at least that is my school of thought.
that was my excuse for years.  i just don’t have time!!  i certainly had enough time to sit at my computer for a couple of hours, or sit on my couch and watch my favourite shows…drinking wine and eating potato chips!
it took me many months to get into a routine that works for me.
and working out 5 days a week for me is perfect!!
I make working out sound so pleasant and lovely don’t i?
well…in all honestly…i don’t love it.
i love how i feel afterwards, i love the results i see…but it’s a rare occassion where you will see me jumping up for joy on my way home because i am going to work out!
same goes for work.  i enjoy the paychecks i receive, and seeing the results of all my hard work.
but would i rather be at home in my jammies?
that’s how i keep myself in check.
my work day does not end when i leave the office.  it ends when i am done my work out.
it is part of my day…part of my “work”.
it is something that just has to be done.
that’s how i find the time.  i compare it to my job.
often times i may want to call in sick, but i don’t (i just thought about it and i have had HALF a sick day all year.  way to go bee! )
so often times i want to go home and sit on my couch…but i don’t.
it’s my work.
and it works for me.
yesterday i called in sick to my work out. first time since i started working out on a regular basis.  i have been feeling unwell for about a week…and yesterday was probably the worst day.
i was able to go to work…but the mere thought of me working my core hard for 20 min had me in tears.
considering it is my belly that is my source of discomfort.
And so i called in sick.  guilt free. 
today is a new day.
I’m ready to kick Wednesday’s ass.

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