hot yoga


speak to me of hot yoga.
 i know that this is the latest   “thing”.  i also know that you get results from it and that alot of people love it.
lately there have been  advertisements all around my neighbourhood.  my local gym is offering classes at a special price.
this is the same gym i was a member at for 2 years and never went…not once.
I have tried yoga before.  It is not easy.  it may look easy, but yoga was one of the toughest work outs i’ve ever done.
i wouldn’t mind adding it to my already busy schedule.
I just don’t know how comfortable i would be going to a gym.  I am quite content working out at home in my skivvies.  maybe i can turn up the heat at home and make believe?
Also i am quite claustro.  i wonder how hard it would be to breathe in a hot room.
nothing says sexy like freaking out in a room full of people!
all these things floating through my brain.
Do you have any experience with hot yoga? 
yay or nay?
Have a Happy Monday….i see the snow is falling quite heavily right now.
oh how i wish i were at home playing with my new birthday/christmas present 🙂
(you can read more about that at the blog next door)

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4 thoughts on “hot yoga

  1. J

    I prefer Bikram, the class is 1.5 hrs. The temp was about 115 degrees in my last class but that depends on the instructor. I don’t think it’s something you can try once and decide that you don’t like it…most places will give you a pass for a week to try it out and you should take advantage of it. Your body just can’t adjust to the heat in one class. I enjoy it so much that I am considering becoming a certified instructor. 🙂


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