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bitch boots

i just got home from a party
where i had some wine
so maybe i shouldn’t be blogging…cause i would assume it’s like drunk texting
kinda sorta
do not expect me to spell check.

lets face it…a buzzed bee is a fun bee!!

i wanna talk about bitch boots.
i have been in awe of my calves all night long.

i remember the first time i lost some weight
all my shoes were big
apparently feet also lose weight
so from my size 6 feet i went to a 5.5

anyways that is so not the point.

i have these sexy, beautiful, black, leather bitch boots
they are probably my most prized possession.

i get that i am not a typical girly girl…but when it comes to sexy black leather bitch boots
hello…i am a girl

i bought these beautiful sexy bitch boots a couple of years ago.
of course they were too small…because the smaller they were the better they looked on you.

Remember back in high school when you would wear skin tight jeans and would have to lie on your bed to do the zipper up
turning blue in the face?
sometimes needing a coat hanger to actually pull the zipper up?

by the time you got your pants on you were either infertile or couldn’t move…so why bother really.

well this is what these bitch boots were like
it took at least 5 minutes per boot to get the zipper all the way up. i would break out in a sweat just trying.
hence why these boots were reserved for special occasions only
they were a bitch to put on, but my oh my they were hot!!!!

So tonight was a special occasion.  i pulled out the boots
i was prepared to get them on well before my ride came.
i slipped my feet in and held my breath
i pulled on the zipper prepared for resistance
and there was none.
those babies fit me like a glove…with room to spare

get out!!!

i mean it makes sense that when you lose weight you lose it all over
but my calves got sexy skinny yo!
who woulda thunk?

i wore those sexy bitch boots with pride tonight.

i also wanna say hi to j tonight
thanks for making me feel so proud and accomplished
thanks for coming here.
hey…u are making me consider hot yoga…but that’s another blog for another time

ok…this bee needs to stop…or drink more wine

another glass of red you say??  twist my rubber arm 🙂

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that word was running through my mind last night.
actually a quote was running through my mind last night as i was doubled over on my couch in pain:
the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.
I’m a little insane 🙂
I went ahead and had a stir fry yesterday.
ugh, i know i know.
They are just so damn good!
I thought i would play around with it and actually get it without the garlic.  maybe it is the garlic that makes me feel so ill?
says the greek girl – garlic is a food group in my culture!
I was good all afternoon.  felt fine.  puurrrfect.
I was able to go home and get through a work out and even eat dinner.  and then it began.
I am pretty good at learning from my mistakes.  Generally if something doesn’t work for me the first time…i don’t do it again.
simple yes?
but this stir fry.  It’s like a sordid love affair.  Like being with someone that you know is not good for you but you keep going back for more and more.
Knowing what you are getting into each and every time…but to hell with the consequences.
Yup, my stir fry is my lover.
I just don’t know how to shake it.
Actually the way i am feeling right now…i can shake it no problem.  blahhh.
Ask me again in 2 weeks when i am down ordering lunch…if i can resist the temptation.
I’m gonna have to.  15 minutes of pleasure is not worth 2 days of pain.
or is it?????

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