what were you thinking???


(said in my best Dr. Phil voice)After bouncing around for 45 min getting my dance on….i was multi tasking and listening to Dr. Phil.  I love my time shifting channels 🙂
anyways his show was about weight loss and the Christmas holidays…and how some significant others sabotage their partner’s success.
It was interesting to listen to actually.  You know, some partners make it sound like they are so supportive of you, but set you up for failure because of their own insecurities.
it’s kinda sad.
this one couple was on, and the lady had gone from a size 8 to a size 20.  She had gained well over 100 pounds.  Her husband owns a catering company – and does a lot of the cooking.
anyways he loves her just the way she is…and doesn’t want her to lose weight.
she is clearly unhappy and uncomfortable in her own skin and wants to lose the weight….
and then the truth comes out that he doesn’t want her to lose the weight because other men would look at her…and he was afraid that she would leave him once she lost all the weight.
Have you been there?
I was there when i was younger.  there were people in my life that were very happy to have me be a chunky monkey…losing weight was a big insecurity to them.
what is it with some people???  seriously…some people are only content if you are unhappy.
I have had friends and partners like that.  Ex’s who preferred that i had junk in my trunk so no one else would look at me in that way…
and friends who thought it was a competition…and always had to be one up on me…
all the while i just didn’t give a rats ass.
My life is not like that in the least.  I don’t have a single soul who would intentionally want to sabotage my journey.
not a one.
i have a pretty big support system surrounding me.  cheering me on, holding my hand, listening to me and holding me when i am down and out.
the people in my life rock my socks!!!!
I am one lucky lady.
Do you have anyone in your life trying to sabotage your success??
and on to other important news…I’d like to wish my big brother (who makes beautiful babies) a Happy Happy Birthday.  Hope you have an awesome day!

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2 thoughts on “what were you thinking???

  1. jmjbookblog

    You know your post made me stop and think. My mother watches every morsel she puts in her mouth…serves herself tiny portions, slices a little piece of pie, etc. But when it comes to my plate she wants me to go for seconds…tries to cut me a slice of pie twice the size she cut for herself…so I’m thinking…hmmmm? I used to take the extra portion and bigger slice not to hurt her feelings but as one gets older the weight adds up much faster and so I have learned to tell her “No” and mean it…I think she thinks I am not as nice as I used to be. 🙂 (I hope your big brother has a special and Happy Birthday!)


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