thinking thoughts

i am still trying to wake up…it was a fun fun fun weekend…and a pretty long night.
if you wanna send out some good luck vibes to my almost 12 year old dog…i wouldn’t mind 🙂
uh oh – i think my lack of sleep has made me delirious and rambly.
So…remember the doctor appt i wrote about in great length?
weelllllll….i went home that day and went straight to my scale…and my number matched his number.
so the scales are the same.
two days later i pulled it out…and i was 2 pounds less…which i expected considering everything i was physically dealing with just 2 days prior.
and then something in my brain went ding.
Could i actually use the scale to my advantage?
Could i actually get on that thing once a week to chart my success or my failures and not have a complete coronary doing so?
I had to think about that long and hard.
I had to remember why i started this in the first place. During this whole process i got really excited that my body was accepting my new life style in the form of weight loss.
the amount i have lost is nothing to sneeze at.  actually it’s rather impressive.
and so my focus shifted…and it became more about losing weight than feeling good
but really – don’t those two go together???
I think i can do it.  i think i can use the scale to my advantage…and finally not feel defeated and deflated by a number.
it will be my new motivation tool.
not every day…cause that will indeed make me go a little koo-koo…but once a week sounds healthy…and helpful.
i think i am gonna spend a lot of time at the blog next door today.  my brain is going a mile a minute and i got a ton of thoughts to chew.
thank god my thoughts are calorie free…cause man, i would weigh a TON at this rate.

Happy Monday – (that’s a little oxy moronish no? lol)

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4 thoughts on “thinking thoughts

  1. jmjbookblog

    I’m one of those people who have to weight themselves every morning! When I don’t the pounds start to creep up and I feel if I catch a couple right at the get go I have a better chance! 🙂 I’m really loving the Turbo Jam although I don’t seem to work up as much sweat as the people on screen are doing! But I love the moves…I wish these DVD’s were filmed from behind the instructor because sometimes my brain has a problem getting the moves down looking at them from head on…but that might just be me. lol (I’m sending a dog fairy to shower yours with lots of good vibes! 🙂 Have a wonderful day! 🙂

    1. losing bee Post author

      i know people who religiously weigh themselves. everyone has their ways that work for them! so what turbo jam did you get jm?
      funny, another lady mentioned the same thing to me about the instructor…i tend to mirror her moves because i know that she will do the same thing on the other lead…don’t know if that helps you or not.
      thank you for the puppy vibes…poor girl is sick 😦

      1. jmjbookblog

        Hi bought Turbo Jam “BeachBody” with 5 workouts..learn & burn, 20 minute, turbo sculpt, cardio party and abjam. I tried clicking to put the music on but it was so loud I couldn’t hear the instructor! lol I hope your little love is feeling better today. Pets are so sad looking when they are not feeling tip top. 😦

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