Daily Archives: November 29, 2010

thinking thoughts

i am still trying to wake up…it was a fun fun fun weekend…and a pretty long night.
if you wanna send out some good luck vibes to my almost 12 year old dog…i wouldn’t mind 🙂
uh oh – i think my lack of sleep has made me delirious and rambly.
So…remember the doctor appt i wrote about in great length?
weelllllll….i went home that day and went straight to my scale…and my number matched his number.
so the scales are the same.
two days later i pulled it out…and i was 2 pounds less…which i expected considering everything i was physically dealing with just 2 days prior.
and then something in my brain went ding.
Could i actually use the scale to my advantage?
Could i actually get on that thing once a week to chart my success or my failures and not have a complete coronary doing so?
I had to think about that long and hard.
I had to remember why i started this in the first place. During this whole process i got really excited that my body was accepting my new life style in the form of weight loss.
the amount i have lost is nothing to sneeze at.  actually it’s rather impressive.
and so my focus shifted…and it became more about losing weight than feeling good
but really – don’t those two go together???
I think i can do it.  i think i can use the scale to my advantage…and finally not feel defeated and deflated by a number.
it will be my new motivation tool.
not every day…cause that will indeed make me go a little koo-koo…but once a week sounds healthy…and helpful.
i think i am gonna spend a lot of time at the blog next door today.  my brain is going a mile a minute and i got a ton of thoughts to chew.
thank god my thoughts are calorie free…cause man, i would weigh a TON at this rate.

Happy Monday – (that’s a little oxy moronish no? lol)

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