kelly osbourne rocks my socks

she really does.
talk about transformation.
OK, to be honest….a couple of years ago i probably never would have thought to write a blog about Kelly.  at least not in the most positive light…
but she has been on my brain for the past couple of days…and i am just so very happy for her!!!
Lord knows she has had her struggles.  with being born and raised in the star studded light of her dad…to her addictions and her bad assed attitude.
she was just a lost little girl.
Have you seen her lately?
I have seen a couple of interviews with her…and I’ve seen her on Dr. Phil (yeah yeah) and the maturity and elegance this woman possesses is astounding!
She has made a lot of life changes.  She’s a recovering addict, she eats healthy and works out.
She has gone from hating her body, to treating it like the temple it is.
take a look for yourself.
I can’t get over how amazing she looks.  No, not just the physical transformation, although a 50 pound weight loss is not something to laugh at.
But she looks so happy now.  you see it radiating from her…oozing out of her pores…her eyes.
all the choices she made in her life brought her to here.
and i gotta say she looks freakin’ amazing!!
Most recently she did a photo shoot for Shape Magazine, and this was the first time in her life she wore a bikini.
I caught her on Entertainment Tonight and just loved her attitude…she said that her whole life she had been mocked and made fun of by the media for being a chunky – fat girl….and this photo shoot…in her bikini was like a big F-YOU to them.
you go girl!
Look at her cute little body on that cover!!!  when my belly looks JUST like that…can i be on the cover of Shape too? lol
I gotta say tho…i am so very tired of hearing comments like….”well she has all the money in the world to have a personal trainer and someone to cook for her, i’d lose weight too if i had that”
i don’t think so.
Sure, she has more opportunity than most of us could ever dream of.  She comes from money and has money…sure.
I am a paycheck to paycheck girl.  true, i cannot budget into my life a personal trainer or a dietitian.
but at the end of the day…there is no difference between Kelly and me…and you and you and you.
All the money in the world…will not do the work for you.
She may have more tools than you or i…but she has to do the work
and the work is freakin’ hard and takes time and dedication and a kick ass attitude
you cannot buy that….you make it happen
Amazing job Kelly
Be proud of everything you have accomplished!

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3 thoughts on “kelly osbourne rocks my socks

  1. azzig49

    it’s NEVER too late – even for old farts like me. i have lost 50 lbs in the last year, 75 lbs total – but also changed the inside too. i look awesome for over 60!!! I think you are right about Kelly got it right finally. She does rock!!!

  2. jmjbookblog

    Ozzy was and still is one of my favorite artists (especially his albums with Randy Rhoads)…I love him and Sharon…I watched Kelly go through a lot of transitions and she looks absolutely fantastic. I know it must have been very difficult to grow up in the family she did but I always got the feeling that both Ozzy and Sharon love their children more than anything in the world…but Kelly had to find herself on her own terms and she did amazingly so! Great post! 🙂


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