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so many levels of wrong it ain’t funny

warning – if you get easily offended, perhaps this is not the blog for you…

If you are a friend of mine on facebook….you pretty much know what this blog is about.

For all my non facebook friends…let me share with you a little story.

If you are familiar with WordPress…there is a page that shows your “stats”
Nothing high-tech, it just shows you what links people have clicked to get to your site, or the search words people use in a search engine.  no ip or city/state tracking but you get the jist.

I am always curious what search terms are used to find my blog.  Nothing out of the ordinary has really struck me.  some funny things perhaps but nothing crazy like.

except for yesterday.

Someone found my blog by typing into a search engine…are you ready for this?  seriously…if you get offended easily…exit now!!!

they searched for….”put it in my butt”


Apparently this search term has lead them here…you know to my health and fitness blog.

So after a kick ass work out…and a lovely dinner…i sat in front of my computer and did something i never thought i would do in a million years.

I typed 5 words in to google…when strung together, create a phrase that i never once have considered googling…ever.
So i type in “put it in my butt” and hit enter
holding my breath

i scroll down the first page, and nothing….second page…nothing…etc etc etc.

I decide to click on the blog search on google…and to my dismay…my blog does show up.
Like 3 or 4 down.

Apparently, my Nike poster about “my butt is big” can also be of reading interest to people who want to put things in their butt.

How utterly embarrassing – for them.

I am sure my blog was not really of any interest to the person…but i really hope they found what they were looking for
Or do i?

…although they did the search twice.  Maybe my Nike poster did something for ’em.

I am way to visual of a person to carry on.
As you were.

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