pakoras,samosas good eatin’ oh my!

i went out for Indian food this weekend…and ate all the yummy left overs the next night for dinner.
it was good. no, pardon me…it was damn good.
As i was doing the calculations in my head…it appears that it has been about a year since i have been to my favourite indian restaurant in the city.
the food is made fresh and the service is amazing.  i have never had a bad experience there – ever.
I love my food 🙂
I do not have the word “never” in my vocabulary when it comes to food.
I could not imagine my life without ever having Indian, or Thai…or Mexican ever again….
really what is the point of living?
As long as these foods are a once in a while treat….i see no harm.
This is a lifestyle, something i will be doing for the rest of my life…and denying myself these tasty dishes will not help me succeed in the long term.
So my weekend was filled with samosas, pakoras, butter chicken, matar paneer, steamed rice and naan bread.
it was a perfectly delicious weekend and more importantly…completely guilt free
today’s music? I am still having a heated love affair with Beth Hart…take a listen heeeeeeere

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2 thoughts on “pakoras,samosas good eatin’ oh my!

  1. jmjbookblog

    Sounds like you had a really delicious dinner! I have never had Indian food but I believe they use Tumeric, which I use quite often because I know that is good for you. I will have to add “Indian Dinner” to my bucket list! 🙂


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