life revisited

everyone hits a point in their lives.
picking apart things, their thoughts..death can do that to a person.
wondering why they bother…what for?
why do i do the things i do…for what???  does anything make a difference?
eating healthy, working out, loving my loves, slaving day to day at work, for a paycheck.
what’s it all about really?  does it even matter?
when i die, what will i be remembered for?
my low carb obsession, working out 5 days a week craziness???
or will i be known for how i made others feel while i was here?
ugh…does it really matter?  any of it???
just one look, one smile, one hug says to me….YES…
it matters very much.  every little bit of it.

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3 thoughts on “life revisited

  1. jmjbookblog

    I think we all go through those questions in life…but something in our core tells us that it’s the every day little acts of kindness and gratitude that really matter. We will never comprehend the difference that just one single smile can make in a persons life who needed that single smile at that exact moment of their life. The smile and joy on that little child’s face has me smiling right this moment! How irresistible is an innocent child’s happiness!!! 🙂

  2. Caroline

    Every smile helps. Every smile is special. I smiled at the petrol pump attendant today who was directing the cars to the pumps – he ended up filling my car for me! We parted almost friends!!


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