Daily Archives: November 11, 2010

life revisited

everyone hits a point in their lives.
picking apart things, their thoughts..death can do that to a person.
wondering why they bother…what for?
why do i do the things i do…for what???  does anything make a difference?
eating healthy, working out, loving my loves, slaving day to day at work, for a paycheck.
what’s it all about really?  does it even matter?
when i die, what will i be remembered for?
my low carb obsession, working out 5 days a week craziness???
or will i be known for how i made others feel while i was here?
ugh…does it really matter?  any of it???
just one look, one smile, one hug says to me….YES…
it matters very much.  every little bit of it.

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makes no scents

yesterday i was looking forward to making some popcorn
getting under a blankie and watching some tv.
I love popcorn.

well…after the popcorn was…popped
i thought i was going to hurl.  the smell of it was soooo strong
i got light headed and eventually had to go lock myself in the bedroom!

I came outta the bedroom about an hour later and could still smell it.
again a wave of nausea.

when it was time to walk the dog later that night…
i walked by my neighbours door and got a strong smell of salt and vinegar
again…total nausea.
i had to hold my breath!

then tonight i get home….and someone is smoking outside
and i can smell it right in my house…
yes you guessed it…thought i was gonna hurl.

and before you say it…no i am not pregnant!!

tonight, after walking my dog, getting cozy in my fat pants….
I wanted to wind down with a nice glass of red.

I poured the red…sat down, and finally felt like i could breathe for a minute.

raised the glass, took a sip…and couldn’t stand the smell and taste.


this is totally unacceptable.  i don’t even think i can finish the glass.

woe is me.

looks like i am off to read.  minus the wine.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.  Must read.

written from my ipod.  only the very experienced should try this at home.

night night!

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