Daily Archives: November 9, 2010

carb flu

i spent the other day with some lovely friends, which of course included a lovely lunch and snacks…and but of course…wine 🙂
i went in to that day knowing full well that my carb counting would not exist, and to hell with the consequences!
oy vay i am dumb.
I won’t even tell you what i ate.  i am too ashamed! 
i was a bad, bad bee.
not to say i didn’t enjoy every single naughty second of it.
what can i say?  naughty suits me!
fast forward a few hours later.  i felt like death.  i crawled in to my bed and fell asleep.
i woke up a short time later feeling “off”…completely unwell.  I sucked it up and did the things i needed to do…
and went to bed early.
If you know me…i never go to bed at a decent hour.  it’s just unheard of in my world.
I woke up in the morning…and still felt like complete death.
it was around noon that i started to feel partially normal.
this has happened to me only a few times in my life.  After having a high carb meal, i actually have flu like symptoms.
i remember the first time i ate pizza after a year of low carbing.  it was insane!  i was soooooo ill.  sweats, fever…just ill i tell you.
I call it the carb flu.
damn you carbs!!!
I am 100% better today…and will think twice before even thinking i can handle a big bowl of pasta.
not gonna happen
(well not today anyways lol)

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