aww you guys!

when i started this blog…it was about me.  i didn’t care if anyone read it.

meaning, i needed a place to sort out my head, be accountable.  write things down because writing them down made them real.
just like my personal blog next door.
i was in a pretty bad place right before i started this blog…and this blog was my motivation…to get my shit together.  enough sulking and complaining.
i was going through something?  so what.  suck it up.
and so…that’s what i meant by this blog was for me.
Sure i expected some of my friends to check it out…but it was more therapeutic than anything else.
i don’t know what happened. 
people actually read this.  a lot of people.
hundreds of people read my blog on a daily basis.
that just freakin’ blows my mind!!!
all of a sudden, what had started off as something silly and self fulfilling
has become this bigger than life entity!
i am floored!
I was unsure how long this blog would be up to be honest.
i mean really, how long can you write about health and weight loss etc.
you guys motivate me.  you make me want to talk about what makes me tick on a day-to-day basis, cause i think you are possibly on the same page, or thinking of making a lifestyle change.
you guys have become my inspiration.
suddenly it’s not so much about me anymore.
funny that ehh?
i have received such amazing feedback from so many people.  people i have never even met in my real life.
i have had so many positive things said to me…that i blush (still not so good at the compliments lol)
i have received heart-felt emails…
ahhh, i am just completely in awe.
Seriously…thank you.
and so, this blog is not going anywhere.  you guys make me want to write it all out.
the address of this blog will be changing in the very near future, but will not affect this blog at all…so you won’t see any changes at your end – business as usual 🙂
so thanks for stopping by…and keep stopping by
you guys totally rock my socks!!
on to completely unrelated news….
i fell victim to a nap early evening yesterday…
which of course had me wired until a god awful hour….
anyways i took that time to revisit music i used to love..and fell in love with this song all over again.
it’s not a happy friday kinda song…it’s haunting and poetic.  lyrically and vocally….it’s just beautiful.
so if you wanna hear, just click here
Happy Friday kids 🙂

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