the gloves are on!

yeah that’s right
when i purchased my turbo jam, about a year ago…it came with these little glove weights.
they were a “free gift”
i put the gloves aside and just concentrated on doing the actual workout…that’s all i cared about.
when i watch the infomercial (yes i still watch it, no idea why lol)
they talk about these little gloves and how they make your workout 95% more effective.
why have i never pulled them out??
so i did my first work out the other day with them on.  they fit pretty good…but i am claustro…so i am not too sure my little hands enjoyed them all that much.
i gotta say tho, that when i do all my punches, my form is pretty perfect.  i follow through better (no applause, just throw money)…and i mean isn’t that the point of it all?  if you are not going to do the moves properly…why even bother.
it didn’t take long to feel the ache.  before i went to bed i felt the burn of my workout.
my shoulders, chest, arms…and my butt.  i don’t know why my butt hurt…i mean they are arm weights..
but whatever, i’ll take it.
these last few days have been painful.  using the gloves and concentrating more so on my core muscles…i just ache.
i ache mamma.
i roll over in bed, i wake up cause it hurts.
i look like i’m 90 when i first wake up…until my muscles have decided to limber out.
tonight is glove night.
someone wipe the tears from my eyes…everything’s gonna be alright
i’m sick…i know
i love the pain.
let’s just see if i can work through it tonight without whining like a little girl.

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2 thoughts on “the gloves are on!

  1. jmjbookblog

    I never heard of turbo jam but the gloves look like they would work great without taking up a lot of room…I’m going to have to do an online search. 🙂 You just inspired me! 🙂


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