hormonal suckfest

i am having a week.
can i tell you how very unimpressed i am with my hormones?
i shake my fist at you hormones!
anyways…most of you can relate i am sure.
it’s the “not good enough” week
i am not eating good enough, working out enough…so why even bother trying week 
pass me the ben and jerry’s and chips kind of week
it’s one of those weeks where the mirror in your house has been replaced with that whacky circus mirror…
all of a sudden you are 100 pounds bigger…everywhere.
standing naked in front of that mirror calls for good times
house of horrors kind of good.
and you know it’s in your head cause those jeans that make your ass look super sexy…still fit….
that top you bought a couple of weeks ago, still fits without a problem…
but still…you think what you think cause your hormones are residing in your brain.
they are the devil
the devil i tell you!
sitting on the couch getting a little teary eyed watching that commercial for jenny craig and that woman that lost 50 pounds…saying “you go girl” to your tv set…
then wondering if you are doing everything all wrong.
resisting the urge to call jenny craig herself.
but on a normal day…you know you have no more weight to lose
and that working out 5 times a week is plenty,
that you are eating all the right things to nurture your body and soul…
and those muscles that hurt and ache…didn’t just miraculously come to be.
you know you work damn hard.
next week i will know this…that this last week was just a hormonal haze.
but this week i just want my fat pants and some dill pickle chips.
that is all 🙂

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