i dare you to move

it was my scheduled walk day yesterday.  I know that i need to be pretty flexible with my schedule…cause really…
you can never trust Canadian weather.  one day it could be warm and sunny and the next day you could be in the middle of a snow storm.
yesterday was a gorgeous, sunny, warm day.  the most perfect fall day.
except for the 100 km gusts of wind.
yeah, how do i walk in that?  i’d get blown away…i’m only little you know!  lol
so the walk was a no go.
i’ve been nursing a headache for the past 2 days…a bad almost full blown migraine kinda headache, and the idea of me bouncing around shaking my groove thang for almost an hour just wasn’t all that appealing to me.
so i came home and said to myself…self…take the day off.
but i couldn’t
of course.
so i decided to do a “simple” 20 min work out, that works on your core muscles.
no heavy breathing or sweating involved
a lot of groaning and grunting…but no bouncing around.
i’ve mentioned here that as of late i am not feeling the burn of my workouts
i mean i feel the work out, but my muscles don’t hurt
and so i have been looking in to switching up my work outs.
i didn’t think a 20 minute work out – which seemed so much more relaxed than my normal routine would make me feel this way.
i feel like someone knocked me down and repeatedly kicked me…all over my body.
i ache…in an awesomely good way 🙂
who knew?
so i found my answer.  i don’t have to go hard-core every single day.
because even tho i am doing a kick ass work out…obviously some of my muscles are being ignored.
this weekend at some point i am going to dig out my pilates dvd and put that into my mix of work outs…at one time i had great success with just that work out alone.
with the weather getting colder and more unpredictable…the walking out doors thing will be  a rarity.
i hear the wind howling outside my window right now…as i sit snug in my pj’s 🙂
as long as i don’t sneeze, or cough or make any sudden movements today…i will be just fine.
i’ve had this song stuck in my head for 2 days now.  blast from the past.
click here if you wanna hear what’s in my brain.

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2 thoughts on “i dare you to move

  1. Ma.Risa

    “so i came home and said to myself…self…take the day off.
    but i couldn’t
    of course.”

    Yep. Did the same thing today, which was supposed to be a rest day. I will HAVE to take tomorrow off, because I also can’t sneeze, cough or make any sudden movements…ahhh, you just gotta love the drive to exercise 😉


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