many the miles

i got a call from the courier company in my city saying i had a package waiting for me.
i love those calls!
i love getting these little surprises!
anywhooo…where i have to go to pick up packages is quite the jaunt.  last year you couldn’t have paid me money to walk there…there was no way.
i mean it’s really not that far…if you are driving…but walking is a whole other story.
it was my walking night so i thought why not switch up my route and walk over to pick up my package!
and so i did.
i don’t know how many times i almost tripped over my own feet…looking into all the stores i normally only drive by.  there are some amazing stores around my area!!
who knew?
i stopped and looked at this wedding gown in one of the windows. it was beautiful…simple, elegant and sexy…perfectly bee 🙂  didn’t even know a gown store was there…and how long have i lived here for??
god i’m such a girl.
anyways, it was a good walk.  it was a longer walk than my regular route.  about 20-30 min longer…give or take a few min.
but my handy dandy pedometer said i didn’t even walk 4 miles.  i says pardon?
it’s shocking that my 5 dollar piece of crap pedometer isn’t accurate! lol
i know i walked more.  my sore body was my indicator.
i guess i can’t put all my faith in the pedometer…i just need to go by how I feel.
isn’t that always the way??
i’ll still use my pedometer i suppose… but i don’t know why since it lies to me…

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1 thought on “many the miles

  1. thypolarlife

    I love getting those calls to. I have to say that I felt a bit ridiculous the other night when I went into the shopping center right down from my house and had no idea half the stores were there. Oh well. 😉


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