change of heart

last night was my double down night.
i was determined to have one.
i got in line at KFC…looked at the picture of this “sandwich”
and suddenly felt really unsure about it all.
honestly…it just looked so unhealthy.
i turned to Elle Bee and said, “i really want something healthier”
my body was still feeling the effects of a kick ass walk…that was longer than my usual one
i was feeling good..accomplished
and i just felt that if i ate the Double Down…all that work would have seemed such a waste.
my heart just wasn’t in to it.
or maybe my heart was just warning me that it wasn’t the best thing to be feeding it.
Knowing full well that i had gone to KFC prepared for a cheat…
my options opened….
I have been craving a sub for months now….and lately i’ve been wanting pizza
So off we went for subs 🙂
i had a pizza sub on a hearty whole grain bread
i killed two birds with one stone
i felt that it was a “healthy” cheat in the end
(oh….and a tiny, itty bitty peanut butter cookie lol)
yes, my belly was not the most impressed with the carb consumption
but i would hate to see what my body would have felt like if i actually did the double down for dinner.
a lot of the comments on my facebook page yesterday were against me doing it
so to my facebook friends…you will be pleased to know…that i did not
i could not.
and probably never will.
i was more than willing to…at the beginning
but i had a change of heart.
two thumbs down for the double downer.

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