Double Down

i am sure most people know what a Double Down is.  It’s had so much media attention since at least the summer…you just gotta know!
incase you don’t…let me tell you.
A Double Down is a “sandwich” from KFC.  it just made its debut in Canada yesterday.
what it is, is 2 breaded chicken breasts – that act like the bun holding everything together, with Monterey jack cheese, bacon and the colonel’s special sauce.
you can get the breasts either breaded and deep-fried, or grilled.
this is what it looks like:
I am not gonna lie.  i totally want to try one….just once…cause i don’t think my body would take to it too kindly more than once.
just looking at it is enough to cause a massive coronary…but i still want to try one…
i did some extensive research…and by research i mean i heard on the radio on my drive in to work this morning that a Big Mac and a Whopper have way more fat than the Double Down.
Also…the fact that i don’t consume bread… well this can’t be that bad for me.
if i got the grilled chicken breast…really…it ain’t so bad.  it’s not the healthiest food choice but i am not sure if i would feel immense guilt having one.
has anyone had one??

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2 thoughts on “Double Down

  1. Jennifer Walz

    No, haven’t tried one but I heard the concern is the salt content rather than the fat content. More than the recommended daily intake… still gonna try one though. 🙂


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