run lola run

i’ve been dreaming about running lately.
a lot.
not like in an i’m being chased kind of way, or running away from something/someone – which is quite the reality of my dream nature…
but running as in….wanting to run…being active…choosing to run.

i think it has a lot to do with that inspirational post i put up last week
mr. ben who ran his way to losing over 120 pounds.
although i gotta say that his bloody nipples make me second guess my desire to run!

i used to be really active…many many moons ago.
back in school i loved participating in sports.
i kicked ass in high jump – all 5’1 of me, i loved basketball, track and field.
i used to willingly get out of bed really early in the morning to go running.
those days feel almost like a fantasy than part of my reality.

my running days ended when i got hit by a car.  twice.
my legs have never been the same.
i mean even walking sometimes, my ankles will lock up and landing on my face is very much a real fear of mine.
so i gave up running, took up smoking and became a lazy teenager.

since i have been working out, and walking…i feel so much stronger
thinking back i cannot recall a time where my ankles locked…in 5 miles of straight walking.

and so i have started thinking of running.

the weather is getting much colder…and i won’t lie.  i hate the cold.
i wonder how i will walk once it’s winter….because i know myself…and i just don’t do winter.

and so i am thinking about getting a treadmill.
this way i can keep walking…and start running again…in the comfort of my own home
and if my ankles give out…at least i won’t be making an ass outta myself in front of other people.

i am really excited about this idea!!

but…i think my life is about to get crazy busy soon.
insanely busy.
in such a kick ass, wonderful…amazing way.
so my brilliant idea may need to be put on hold.

on hold, but not forgotten.

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1 thought on “run lola run

  1. Ma.Risa

    Run, walk, run, walk…then before you know it, you’ll be run, run, running!

    I have those running dreams a lot, I used to run in high school also. I stopped for a good 15 years. Then out of the blue one day, after one of those running dreams – I put on my shoes and just started running again. I love it. It’s my stress release.


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