back to real life

it’s been a week.

thanksgiving has come and gone…and with it i brought back with me about 5 extra pounds lol

all the words i haven’t even uttered in over 7 months…i ate.
like pie, cake, stuffing, potatoes…
talk about eating my words.

add the fact that i was on some serious antibiotics till Sunday, that for some reason made my appetite absolutely insatiable and the head cold that was teasing me for at least a week finally coming out full force…
it would be safe to say…i haven’t been myself.

add to that list, my mom’s cooking…and all the awesome celebrations this weekend
i am in awe no one has had to roll me thru the door.

feeling under the weather all last week…i didn’t really give working out 100%
add about 3 days of careless eating (which i gotta say, i didn’t have an emotional breakdown over)
it has to stop now

it would be easy to continue this way…but i’ll be honest.  all the food was extremely good
but man i just felt bloated and uncomfortable the whole time.

so it’s a brand new week.  i have to be extra clean with my eating and very diligent about my working out…
the party is over
real life is back on track
and can i tell you a secret?  i am soooo glad to get things back to normal.

hello Monday…i’m here to kick some serious ass!

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2 thoughts on “back to real life

  1. Ma.Risa

    “which i gotta say, i didn’t have an emotional breakdown over…”

    THAT is so important. After I had my kids, and I was trying to lose the 60 odd pounds I put on with motherhood, the reason I kept failing was the fact that I would beat up on myself when I gave in to cravings, or when I went home to visit and had a bit too much of Mom’s cooking. Once I came to the realization that it was okay to have what I wanted every once in a while, done in moderation, the clean eating I did the rest of the time became an easy norm, and the pounds just fell off (with exercising, of course).

    I really think not having that diet stress was the turning point for me. And 8 years later, the weight has stayed off (give or take a few pounds around the holidays), and the clean eating has stuck – now I eat for health…with the occasional Fairy Cake or Beignet, as you can see from my blog 😉 LOL

    Keep up that awesome attitude, Bee!

    1. losing bee Post author

      it’s very true! a fine balance. it’s not so much a diet as a way of life to me. i have noticed such a difference in my body since i’ve started working out…and it’s amazing how much my body actually LOVES it! thanks for stopping by 🙂


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