crack is whack

i was thinking about foods i couldn’t live without
that i would surely die without
and the first thing that came to mind??
diet coke
what food group does that fall under i wonder?
but let me be clear.  it’s not just diet coke….actually i would never choose to buy a diet coke in a can
no thanks
i am talking about fountain pop
and not just any fountain pop
McDonald’s diet coke.

McDonald’s diet coke is my crack.

don’t get me wrong.  it’s not like i drink it every day
or even once a week (although i could drink it every day)
i drink it once in a while…and when i do…my whole world lights right up.
all is wonderful in the world of bee.
my crack.

if you were to come to my door
with a McDonald’s diet coke in hand…you would own my heart forever
i’d put you in my pocket and carry you with me.

could it be that they actually put crack in my diet pop??
because i don’t know what the hell makes it so tasty and delicious
and makes me want more and more and more

now i want a diet coke.

lately the next best thing to my diet coke…

peanut butter.

i don’t know when this new addiction developed
i mean i never ate peanut butter as a kid….i only started eating it occasionally in college
and now…
i find myself going into the kitchen, spoon in hand and digging in
and it’s like my crack
it takes away my sugar craving…
and i just can’t stop.

right now…i want an extra large diet coke and a big ass tub of crunchy peanut butter

i am a vision of healthy eating ain’t i? lol

god…i am on some seriously heavy antibiotics right now
i am all outta whack…
maybe blogging today wasn’t a good idea

maybe my antibiotics are crack
crack is whack.

ok…i am stopping now….

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