things change

i wrote a blog not too long ago about shopping
how i hate, loathe, detest…shopping.

i’ve realized it wasn’t shopping per say that i hated
it was the build up inside of knowing that i had to go to the mall
the anticipation of the dressing room
looking at myself in those god awful mirrors
knowing i wasn’t happy with my body and i was off to see it nekkid in fluorescent lighting
talk about torture.
that would no doubt set my mood for the rest of the day

it’s not like that anymore.
it feels amazing to pick something off the rack, try it on and not become a puddle on the floor
or to hear the words you’ve been dying to hear…when you walk out of the change room and the item you’ve just tried on is too big and the sales lady says “i’m sorry miss, that’s the smallest size we have”
and to walk out of the store, bag in hand, smiling about the most gorgeous new top that was just purchased.
there’s something amazing about wondering if i should wear a padded bra with something
cause the girls need the boost.
(if you know me in real life…i’ve always had quite the….*ahem* bodacious boobs)
and now my wardrobe consists of a padded bra people!

i have a huge love on for shopping at the moment
i could do it every weekend if the funds allowed.
thank god for master card baby
ching ching!

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