sock rockin’ thursday

I was so excited today that i actually forgot to publish this post this morning!  doohhh! 
and for the record, it was everything i remembered it to be…and then some!
AND i just found out some amazingly awesome news…i am happier than a pig in shit!
my cafeteria at work just rocks my socks.
sure there are days that i am just bored with the food that they serve, or not happy (if u recall my lemon dill salmon experience)
but on the whole…i am pretty lucky to work at a place that has such an awesome cafeteria and i barely pay a thing for my lunch!
anyways…they can get pretty creative down there…
every year we have a thanksgiving lunch…turkey and stuffing and pie…and christmas lunches etc.
in the summer we have BBQ lunches every Thursday and when BBQ season is over, it’s stirfry lunches
give me a moment here…i might cry.
ok….i’m good.
i’ve written about my huge love on for the stirfries that my lady Pam makes.
nothing else compares.
in the past i have lined up a good 20 min just for one…it’s well worth the wait.
So, when i finally changed my eating habits 7 months ago…the stirfry was no longer an option.
in all honesty…i got really sick after eating it.  i mean really sick.  knowing full well i would get sick i still ate it.  to me it was worth it.
who does that???  who goes through literal pain and feels like crap on purpose???  apparently i do.
anyways…when i started low carbing 7 months ago i made a deal with myself….
if i was still at it…satisfied with how my health/life/body were shaping up….
the stirfry would be mine.
today is the first day for stirfry.
i am sitting here like a kid waiting to unwrap her xmas gifts
i am fidgeting in my chair and constantly looking at the clock
for 7 months i’ve been waiting
i’ve been counting down to this day for well over a month
chewing it in my mind…should i or shouldn’t i.
i have built this up in my head soooo much…i am afraid that it will be a beautiful let down.
you know…like say for example…you are crazy attracted to someone…and you imagine it over and over and over in your mind what kissing them would be like…and you can’t wait…and finally that moment comes….and…
only I would liken my food to some kind of sexual encounter.
and so i sit here moments before lunch…wondering if i should just not eat it…
no way kids.  today the stirfry is mine.
and if i get sick…i get sick…and not eat it again…till the next time 🙂
i am going to kick some serious turbo jam ass when i get home.
and it’s my tv night.
hold on….
turbo jam
tv night
i knew i loved thursday’s for a reason!  damn, today rocks my freakin’ socks!

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