little things

i noticed i had several comments on my blog next door.

i came home and had a kick ass work out and did the things i needed to do…and have only now had a chance to check it out.

someone has been following my blog…and was really impressed with my writing.

apparently this person has a weekly showcase of “new” writers…and he has showcased me this week, bringing me amazing traffic and new followers.

how great is that?

good things for good people.  i have always believed in that.

i cannot believe how awesome my life is.

ya know, you make some changes, and you feel amazing…you give off amazing….and you get back amazing.

this isn’t my life long dream coming true…the one of being discovered and spending the rest of my life writing books in my ocean front home.

but it’s something.  and it means something.  it’s the smallest things that mean more than the grandest of all things.

my facebook status seems fitting tonight

“hello my name is Karma, i’ll be your bitch today”

just wanted to share, cause this blog is as important as the one next door.

night night

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