pickin’ a bone

and so it begins.
last time i lived my life to its fullest…ate healthy, felt amazing, lost tons of weight…
all those around me were very encouraging.
they knew what i was doing, how i was doing it, and why i was doing it…and actually some of them recommended it!
i was tired of feeling unwell.
and finally there came a point where i was feeling amazing and reaping the rewards of my lifestyle changes
and the world as i knew it, was perfect.
and that’s when people felt the need to be inappropriate.

“are you sick?  are you eating?  are you healthy?”

and this is where i just get so bloody mad.

i’ve never given any reason for anyone to wonder if i am eating/healthy/ill
i have been very open in the way i eat and why.
it’s not rocket science.
i mean hello…i write a detailed blog about it…
everyone in my life was on the same page as me…or so i thought
5 years ago there was a sense of panic, immediate concern….maybe i needed to talk to someone – insert shocked face right here
seriously, i couldn’t make that shit up if i tried.
my mother oddly enough was the most concerned….you know the one who would feed me lol
For one reason or another i totally went off plan…started eating crap and it seemed like everyone was content.  do people feel better when you are not happy with yourself?
Misery loves company right?
i understand the difference between asking out of concern, or if a friend hasn’t seen me for a while
but knowing what i am doing and how i am doing it and then asking me if i am sick or being unhealthy is a complete and utter insult to all the work i have done.
imagine, eating healthy and working out causes weight loss!!
causes you to feel amazing and get toned.
who knew???
where were these people…you know…when i was eating crap
and would be knocked over in pain cause it made me so sick
where were they then to ask me the same questions??
or is that what is considered normal?
and it’s begun again.
no people.  i am not sick.  i am not hungry,(well actually i am really hungry, it being so close to lunch and all lol) and this is the best i have felt in a very long time.
i feel freakin’ amazing.
and yeah i’m pissed off…
but you are not going to rain on my parade…no not this time.

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