bee’s bitter belly

i  had the worst lunch in the world today.
i say “had” but i really didn’t.  i took a couple of bites and could not force feed myself another fork full.
on today’s menu it said “lemon dill salmon”
Sounds delish huh?
it indeed was salmon.  i don’t know why they called it lemon dill
cause they put Greek salad dressing on top of it.
now think about that for a moment.
greek salad dressing
one of those two does not belong.
you would think that was bad enough…but it was soooood dry
it was like chewing on a moth ball
not that i really know what chewing on a moth ball is like  – but you know what i mean
i am disappointed…and i am hungry.
i know i know, would i like a little cheese with that wine?
why yes, yes i would thank you very much.
i shake my fist at you cafeteria lady!!
(kidding i totally love you, please keep cooking for me!!!)
I am racing home, feeding and loving the dog for a while…then i am off for my 5 mile walk.
by the time i get home and cook…meh i won’t be eating till after 8.
i can assure you, a glass of wine will be had.
i’ve been hit with the writing bug…go take a look next door 🙂

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