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bee’s bitter belly

i  had the worst lunch in the world today.
i say “had” but i really didn’t.  i took a couple of bites and could not force feed myself another fork full.
on today’s menu it said “lemon dill salmon”
Sounds delish huh?
it indeed was salmon.  i don’t know why they called it lemon dill
cause they put Greek salad dressing on top of it.
now think about that for a moment.
greek salad dressing
one of those two does not belong.
you would think that was bad enough…but it was soooood dry
it was like chewing on a moth ball
not that i really know what chewing on a moth ball is like  – but you know what i mean
i am disappointed…and i am hungry.
i know i know, would i like a little cheese with that wine?
why yes, yes i would thank you very much.
i shake my fist at you cafeteria lady!!
(kidding i totally love you, please keep cooking for me!!!)
I am racing home, feeding and loving the dog for a while…then i am off for my 5 mile walk.
by the time i get home and cook…meh i won’t be eating till after 8.
i can assure you, a glass of wine will be had.
i’ve been hit with the writing bug…go take a look next door 🙂

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every woman needs…

an Elle Bee

she has been a huge reason why these past 6 months have been so successful

she has kicked my ass into shape…literally.

see, when you have known someone for as long as she’s known me…well you kinda just know what someone needs
and she knew i needed a swift kick in the ass…
and the rest as they say is history.

she has been my one wo-man support team.  she has been my cheerleader and my yummy food maker.
she has encouraged me, and motivated me.
she has witnessed each of my successes, and has talked me through my failures
she rejoices in my victories, and sits quiet in my losses

she lets me turbo jam in my underwear and doesn’t even crack a joke – that’s gotta be tough 🙂
she gently tells me if she thinks i over do it but never tries to sway what feels right for me

she picks me up when i am a useless puddle on the floor
and puts the one song on by Sara Bareilles that makes me crazy stupid happy and sings along all goofy like
till i stop crying and start chair dancing…
and break into song myself
(even tho she’s heard the song a million times and wants to poke her eyes out lol)

she talks me into eating a yummy salad when my pms head wants a Big Mac…and makes me believe it was all my idea

when i am one step away from a tub of ben and jerry’s….she makes me the best low carb dessert known to man

she listens to all my stories

makes me try on bathing suits when i am already sad enough…to show me….i really don’t need to be sad at all.

she sees everything i don’t see

every woman needs an elle bee.  i can only hope you are lucky enough to find one

elle bee and me, kicking ass and taking names since 1995

So, since it’s Friday…you should be happy.  Wanna hear what makes me ridiculously crazy chair dancin’ happy?  ok then…click here.



You were the air in my breath filling up my love soaked lungs. Such a beautiful mess intertwined and overrun. Nothing better than this, ooh, and then the storm can come. You feel just like the sun, Just like the sun – s.b
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