get in to my pants

i am sure everyone has a favourite piece of clothing.

mine were these gray pants i was gifted for Christmas.  These pants fit me like a glove.
i loved wearing them to work, they would show off my curvy hips and butt 🙂
most importantly i felt comfortable in them.
last year i didn’t even feel comfortable in my skin…never mind clothing, so the fact i felt good in them was a bonus.

when summer hit i packed them away for the season.

Enter Fall

I am slowly locating warmer, heavier clothing…and i saw these pants in my closet and grabbed them
i am not a morning person…so i wake up at the last possible moment and rush out the door
i grab whatever i can get.
and oh how i missed these pants.

it’s soooo time to retire these pants.
to say they are big, is quite the understatement.  i can pull them off without undoing them
all day i was walking around afraid my pants would fall off.
you can fit another me in there!!
anyone wanna join me in my pants?  lol

so naturally since i was left alone with a camera
i decided to take some pics for my progress album
i took a picture of my saggy ass (do u know how hard it is to take a pic of your own ass?)
anyways i thought i would spare you the visual.
who am i kidding!  lol
here is my ass!

do you see it?  ya me neither.  can we say saggy ass????

and here are my pants…a room with a view

it’s safe to assume that all my pants will probably fall into the same category
although i did find a pair i wore many many moons ago…and those fit me puuuurfectly!!
yay me!

looks like i’m doing some shopping this weekend.

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