Daily Archives: September 14, 2010

i think i may cry

i think my external drive just died on me.
it made some god awful sounds that scared the cats away…and my computer will not recognize the device.

what this means?

everything i have ever written in the past 5 or so years…gone.

all my writing is gone.
possibly the worst thing that could ever happen to me right now.

2 years of pictures of my nieces’ firsts…gone.

years and years of pictures of people i love and have loved…gone.

i need someone to seriously talk me off the Ben and Jerry’s ledge right now.

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wow – just wow

this was my horoscope for this morning….crazy accurate.  if you read yesterday’s blog you know why.

You may have experienced an emotional meltdown recently and were forced to relinquish control for a while. Now, with the Moon in your sign, you are feeling a reawakening of your desires, along with the motivation to get what you need. Don’t scatter your energy or hide your vulnerability today; letting others see past your protective walls can catalyze the very change you seek.


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