maybe – it’s a vicious little word that could slay me

i have a feeling there will be sara bareilles subject lines for a while.  just go with it 🙂

i had a crazy fantastic day yesterday!
which got me to thinking…i know, i know…me thinking…odd huh?
i feel a ramble coming on.

of course the goal of this blog is to discuss health and diet.
most of my blog…other than the random randomness has talked about healthy food, working out…and the way my clothes fit, etc
all very important yes?

well what about emotional/mental health?
that’s equally important but not really mentioned here…and i really think i want to talk about that.

pull up a chair.

I’m a “feeler”.  i can sense an emotion or a feeling a mile away.
it’s good..and not so good.
it’s sad to say, but a lot of the time my moods are based on the moods of those around me.
stress, sadness, happiness…you get the gist.
for example…say my boss is in a crappy mood…i feel that…and it totally throws my emotions outta whack
and i find i am feeling what she is.
soooo not good.

but yesterday was a testament to the power of positive.
like i said…i was in a wicked happy mood.  no rhyme, no reason.  i was just well rested, listened to my sara all the way into the office and..well it was just a good day.
someone else was not having a good day.  really sad day actually.  close to tears kind of day.
not on my clock…it wasn’t happening.
i was happy and joking and laughing….i sang some tunes as loud as i could…hell i even showed off some sexy Shakira moves. When opportunity presented itself…i would put my hand on her arm or shoulder…cause i totally believe in the power of touch.
by the end of the day, this person was the first throwing out one liners…smiling, spirit lifted.
that made me feel even better!!!
i’d like to think i had something to do with it.

walking around in a tight ball of stress is not healthy…not to say it never happens…cause it happens a lot.
but it’s so not good for you!!!

my motto as of late has been “fake it till you make it”
and you know what?  it works…(ok, ok, i’ve had my bitch moments) but generally i try and make a choice
i could wallow in my pity or i could try and turn it around.
i don’t know about you…but i prefer the good over the bad.
when i am content, happier than a pig in shit…i feel amazing in every aspect.  i have more energy…i laugh more, smile more, play more.
what can be so wrong with that?

so good mood in tow…i got into my car, turned on the tunes and rolled down the window
(my car still needs a good airing out)
so i am almost home, and i have sara on full blast…i am singing full blast…and doing my finest chair dancing kids
i look over and there are two guys in the car beside me smiling…and what do they do?  they start chair dancing with me lol
that only encouraged me to sing louder and dance harder.
they coulda totally been making fun of me…but i betcha i made ’em happy

i got home and had a kick ass work out
kick ass
i had crazy energy!!!!

after dinner, i baked a cheese cake.  i have a b-day hoopla to go to and nothing better than cheesecake to celebrate…especially my kick ass, world famous cheesecake lol
i was brave and turned on my music.
why do i say brave?
well, lets see.  I have had Sara Bareilles playing for one week straight.
any moment i am at home, i can assure you sara is singing sweet nothings to me.
(i am not only autistic with my food, also my music)
i wake up it’s sara, get in the car it’s sara, get to the office, sara, drive home, sara, get home more sara
you can understand how that would drive someone to drink copious amounts of alcohol if they were not the one obsessed.
i am surprised that elle bee has not thrown me off the balcony.
but i need music to bake (don’t ask)
and music hasn’t made me this happy in ages.  it makes me sing, smile and dance around like a teenage fool
and i think a happy bee is better than a bitter bee…and so the music plays….
and my soul is happy, and the stress is gone…even if it is for just one song or two…or 13
i am absolutely, head over heels in love with her new cd.
i’ve been waiting years for this moment…and it was well worth the wait.
i think sara has turned me into a happy crazy fool
She’s good for my heart

happy bee

i hope i made you smile today.  you’re so pretty when you smile

i found one of my new fav songs on youtube…take a listen.  click here

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