six months

that’s how long it’s been.  since i changed my life.
six months ago i was in a completely different place.  i was sick all the time, unhappy, eating crap that magnified those feelings and sitting in my pity party for one….too tired to want to make a change.  A vicious circle.
A little push and a little shove…and here i am 🙂
I’ve been documenting this journey.  obviously here, but also in pictures.
from the beginning to now, photos of my transformation.
(none that i shall post here thank you very much!)
this blog, and these pictures have been an amazing tool for me.  keeping me accountable, motivated, excited about life.
it is undeniable the changes I see…physically in myself.  Although i am my own worst critic and always believe there is room for improvement…the pictures don’t lie.
it’s slow, but it’s progress.
freakin’ amazing progress!!!
so many changes that i could not see in myself until i really lookedeverything has changed…but the most obvious would be “my girls” lol.  where oh where have they gone?
i think my body is done…for now…losing weight that is.  and i am ok with that.  i personally think i am done with it too.  now it seems to want to tone, i am developing muscles and definition in places i never even knew muscles existed!  i am good with that.
there is no end of the road.  the road is never ending….and i am gonna throw on my skechers and walk it.
amazing the differences i see in myself, from then until now.  no, not just physical.
i am happier, not as tired as i was before….i have this constant energy inside of me that makes me want to go go go….my attitude has changed, i’d rather work out than sit on my ass and cry about it.  i love my life…the direction…my i don’t give a shit attitude. i love who i have become…and no…i am not talking about the physical transformation, although i do love that too…i am talking about me…the person i have become.
i can’t remember the last time i actually used the word “love” in relation to how i felt about myself.
this has been one of the best things that has ever happened to me.  my eyes are wide open to so many possibilities…so much life out there….i am ready to do it all!
i am fidgeting in my seat as i type this cause i just wanna goooooooooooo!
and then there’s that scared girl in me…trying to make me question my successes.
i have a closet full of clothing too many sizes too big.  i never plan on fitting into those again.  However…these clothes are like a safety net to me. 
i mean it’s happened before, how could it not happen again?  I hold on to these clothes expecting failure.
i wasn’t built to fail.  no, not this time.
and so…i think i will take some time out soon…and get rid of all those clothes, donate them…and be rid of the possibility that the fat girl could return.
ok…not fat…chunky monkey lol.
chunky monkey has left the building kids 🙂
I am done…and only just beginning.
Happy 6 month anniversary to me!

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1 thought on “six months

  1. Jamie

    Good for you, Sweetcheeks! You deserve to reward yourself. Get rid of the clothes and treat yourself to a new pair of jeans or something. You have done such an amazing job not only of changing your body but changing the way you think about your body and getting rid of the old, destructive habits. You are made of awesome!


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