what kind of heart doesn’t look back?

no…not a mushy personal post.
just a line from a new song, from my favourite artists new album.
mmmhmmm that’s right.
if you are not familiar with Sara Bareilles…get on it now!
Her new album is out today – Kaleidoscope Heart.
i just wanted to give it a shout out here.  i wrote a non stalkerish blog about my undying love for her next door 🙂
Oh happy day!!!!
Hope you all had a lovely weekend.  even tho the weather sucked ass..i very much enjoyed it!
i took my skechers for a test walk…and i have to say that they are amazing.  it’s like i am walking on air…and almost instantly i could feel muscles working that i never felt before.
I did get poured on tho.  not that nice hot summer rain…the cold, autumn is around the corner torrential down pour.
that my friends was not so much fun.
the older i get, the more my attitude changes.
i went out dancing this weekend. if you know me, you know why that’s a comical visual.  i even laughed as i typed that out…but it’s true.
I don’t give a shit what i look like…i just do what i want!
i graduated from awesomely amazing chair dancer, to a dance floor diva!
i’m telling you…i was a mini Shakira (or so i was told)
these hips don’t lie…but i think i pulled something in my hip.  i felt 90 years old the next day…but man what an awesome work out!!!!
thanks to my dance partner D….we rock!
and an extra special thanks to the dood who picked me up as if i were a little rag doll and spun me round and round and round.
the fact that you like “tiny things” was a boost to my very dizzy self. 
and thanks for catching me before i did a face plant on your shoes.
back to my ever so loved turbo jam tonight…if my hip doesn’t give out on me that is.
listen to this and try not to dance.  i dare you not to fall in love with her.  clickety click here.

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