heeeey….this is my 77th blog post.  one of my favourite #’s.  gotta mean it’s gonna be a good day 🙂
i went out last night and bought my Skechers.
I have never been more excited to go walking!  they are so very comfortable and really not as ugly as i remember them!
i cannot wait to try them out tonight.
that is going to require me wearing socks.  As i have stated previously…i am anti socks.  i hate wearing socks.  my feet feel so confined.
not only that…it’s supposed to be 38 degrees today…i don’t know if i can get away with wearing running shoes today.
but i gotta try ’em out.  i don’t think i can wait for the weather to get cooler.
wanna know what’s even more exciting than Skechers?  the fact that my walking partner is as excited as i am to get moving!!
i am a happy bee today.  see, it’s the simple things.

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