randoms in the style of bee

yeah, it might be one of those blogs. lol
i am feeling random and chatty and all over the map today.

i went to the store yesterday after work…when all i really wanted to do was go home and eat.
i spent what felt like over an hour looking for cleaner for the carpet in my car
grrrrr…that damn trunk.
ok, ok.  it has nothing to do with my “health” so i will shut up about it.  although it is driving me insane so…it could be filed under “mental health”
anyways…i wrote alllll about it next door…if you’re interested…go look.  or go be amused with my most recent ramble about toilet etiquette.
i have totally gone off topic. shocker i know.

so i wanted to get home because of my most recent food autism.
i am on a Greek kick.  sounds funny coming from a Greek chick doesn’t it?
there is souvlaki that they sell at the metro that is already seasoned.  Usually i am not a fan of pre-seasoned meat.  i like to do that on my own…i mean who knows what spices ultimately are being put on there…but i gotta tell you….this souvlaki kicks some serious ass.
it’s almost as good as my daddios.  almost.
and so i want it all the time.

take a look!

notice how nothing is touching? lol

anyways that dinner totally rocks my socks…and i want it for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
now i’m hungry. *pout*
oh, i feel the need to say that it’s pork souvlaki.  i am still off of poultry for the time being.

after dinner i went for my walk.  i wasn’t sure i was going to considering it was over 104 degrees out there…but i did anyways.
i am glad i did…because i felt really productive.
met alot of awesome kitty’s…and the one that reminds of me of mamma started following me back home
ohhhh love.
anyways…we walked 5.24 miles to be exact.  i would tell you what that is in kilometers but i am too lazy to google and convert.  sad but true.
my pedometer is somehow stuck on miles….
i know 5 miles is quite abit…my ass tells me so.

i didn’t have dessert last night…s’ok….don’t wanna make that a constant thing.  just for when i am really craving something delicious and sweet.

the rest of the night was mine.  a quick shower…threw my pj’s on and sat on my balcony with a glass of red…writing like a woman on fire.

i haven’t decided if i am working out tonight.  i think i will keep Wednesday’s free from commitment.  if i get home and wanna get my turbo jam on….then i will.

oh my god..which reminds me…i woke up around 2:30 am the other night…or should i say morning…
to an infomercial
they were advertising something called the Cardio Twister.  have you heard of it?????  I stayed up for half an hour watching it.
I WANT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!  actually i have read some mixed reviews on it…so i am not too sure.
anyways if you are curious…take a lookie – the video is rather corny but u will get the idea.  click here

have an awesome hump day kids!

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