vacation day

’tis true 🙂

after over a month of working my butt off and covering other people’s vacation…i decided to take today off!
yay me!

What am i doing on the computer?  don’t worry i won’t be here long.

I am going to have a late breakie, early lunch of berries and whipped cream, then i am going to work out…then go by the water and get sun kissed…then i am off to hang out with people i adore and have a bbq and beer (low carb).  ahhhh, sweet!!!!

this weekend is a busy one.  full of good food, water, beaches and bikinis!!
can i get a woot woot!

i ran into a woman who lives in my building.  i have known her for over a decade, but over the past couple of years i haven’t seen her much.  anyways, i called over to her and her facial expression was the best.  she asked me if i lost alot of weight…because she didn’t even recognize me!!!!  SCORE.

Many years ago we were talking and she said to me “you fat” and that inspired me to lose a shit load of weight then….so this was awesome.

I am also proud to announce….that for the first time yesterday….as i was laying in the tub after a 5 mile walk…. i can see my 6 pack trying to burst through the 2-4 i am lugging around.

Oh happy day 🙂

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