my body

i’ve realized that i am pretty tough on my body.  i think alot of us are. 
i am not talking about pushing my body during a work out.  i am talking about being critical, hard, unfair…aesthetically.
no my body is not what it used to be…and really….should it be?
we age.  things don’t stay the same….gravity hits 🙂
On Sunday i was sitting on my balcony right before we left for the fundraiser.
across the way i saw a woman in a wheel chair, pulling along a trolley full of trash.  she made her way to the bin and carefully threw each bag of garbage over her head and in to the bin.  i held my breath with each toss…
Such a simple thing.  taking your trash out.
i take for granted how absolutely wonderful my body is.  How blessed i am to be able to wake up in the morning…and have my body do exactly what my brain wants it to do.
that i can walk downstairs and throw away my trash.
that my vessel is still amazingly awesome and can do just about anything
(although i am afraid i can’t do cart wheels anymore lol)
i’ve got to remember that more often when i am feeling sorry for myself.
the fact that i have been blessed with such a healthy body should be enough.
Happy Hump Day kids

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