Houston, we have a problem

***WARNING – this post has a lot of graphic content.  if you have a weak stomach and a soft spot for animals (like me) this post is probably not for you…oh….and if you are eating lunch…shut this blog down!***
Ok, you’ve been warned!
I don’t even know where to begin with this blog today.  All i know is that 24hrs later  I am still grossed.right.out.
If you are an avid reader of this blog…you know that my eating lifestyle choice is low carb.  Not that low carb cannot be done vegetarian style, but most of the food I consume is meat.
So what’s the problem?? 
well i am kinda off meat.  not willingly…it just seems that my body does not want anything to do with meat.
well…it’s got a hell of a lot to do with my drive into work yesterday.
I was driving on the highway, minding my business….heading into the office….
when the guy in front of me accidentally hit an animal.
this happens all the time on our highways…and each time i see a dead animal on the side of the road it reallllllly affects me.
it’s just how i’m wired…just knowing how these poor things died really bothers me.
Coons seem to be the most common victims.
poor babies.
anyways back to my original point….
this guy in front of me hit this animal…of course it was not intentional…you are going at speeds of 100km’s or more…there’s just no control.
but what i didn’t expect to happen was to be on the receiving end of this animal….all over my car.
it was horrifying. actually it was beyond horrifying. 
my wipers couldn’t work fast enough…my brain was on hold…i don’t know how i didn’t run myself off the road.
it was absolutely horrifying what came flying on to my windshield.
i won’t even go into detail…cause i am sure no one wants to read about that.
i couldn’t even stand being in my car after i left work.  i kept getting body shudders…visualizing everything over and over and over again.
the car is washed.  the image in my head… not so much.
which poses a huge problem for me at the moment….
i can’t even look at meat…never mind eat it
i am hoping this is something i will over come…however in the meantime
i am saying no to the chicken….and hello to the cheese.

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