god help me

the picture should speak volumes as to how i am feeling!
what the hell is wrong with me????
6:30am, i got a sudden craving for brownies.  i kinda pushed it from my head…and a couple of hours later it was my strongest thought.
but it doesn’t end there…no it sure doesn’t.
from out of nowhere…an Eatmore took over my head…which lead me to a peanut buster parfait from dairy queen…to a strong need for a mcflurry with smarties and oreos.
and of course a chocolate milk…
then there were the white chocolate chip cookies from subway….and a joe louis.
which then reminded me how good wagon wheels tasted.
what is wrong with me?
this from a girl who doesn’t even like sweets….who never craves them unless i am extremely hormonal…which i am not.
what gives???
someone, quick, pass me a salad stat!

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1 thought on “god help me

  1. fruitybooty

    It’s funny how we always crave the things we don’t mentally want to eat. Some say it’s because of added ingredients that make the food addictive, I fully believe it!


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