Daily Archives: August 20, 2010

god help me

the picture should speak volumes as to how i am feeling!
what the hell is wrong with me????
6:30am, i got a sudden craving for brownies.  i kinda pushed it from my head…and a couple of hours later it was my strongest thought.
but it doesn’t end there…no it sure doesn’t.
from out of nowhere…an Eatmore took over my head…which lead me to a peanut buster parfait from dairy queen…to a strong need for a mcflurry with smarties and oreos.
and of course a chocolate milk…
then there were the white chocolate chip cookies from subway….and a joe louis.
which then reminded me how good wagon wheels tasted.
what is wrong with me?
this from a girl who doesn’t even like sweets….who never craves them unless i am extremely hormonal…which i am not.
what gives???
someone, quick, pass me a salad stat!

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