everywhere, changes! 
but lets just keep to the point today 🙂 i’ll save my ramblings for next door!
i am here to publicly announce….that i have been thinking…quite silently
of renouncing my title of Wonder Woman.
i know, i know…shocker.
i went for my walk last night.  what was different about it this time was that i skipped my turbo jam. 
insert sad disappointed face right here
but you know what? i don’t feel absolutely spent today.  i don’t feel like i am gonna die!
who knew?
so since i am on a change kick…i think i am going to change up my working out routine..yes again!
I have decided for the time being i will not do both in one day.  it’s either turbo jam or 8ks (and hopefully going to 10k)
i mean i can do both in one day…and i can do it all over again the next day…
but then i spend 2 days…recovering…nursing my sore, sore body. 
so what benefits am i getting there?
I talked it out…and i think i will alternate days.
so one week i walk 3 times a week and the following i walk 2 days…etc etc etc
and then i will legally have weekends off.
still haven’t figured if i should have a day off mid week.
who knew this was so much mental work??
I am also thinking about increasing my turbo jam work out to 65 minutes
if i won’t be walking those days
so, 45 minutes cardio and then a 20 min ab workout.
yikes.  so much change!!!
i’m interested to see how next week pans out.
as my bff has said…i will always be wonder woman
just a slower, older one.
so, the title’s still mine kids.  i spent years earning it 🙂
on to not so related news….i was gifted with tomatoes from a friends garden.
mmm mmm mmm
can’t wait to sink my teeth into those!
happy thursday (did i ever tell you thursday’s are my most favourite day of the week?)
yay thursdays!!!

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