the cat whisperer

this is George.  isn’t he a handsome brute?  ok, so i named him George.  i don’t know his real name or if he is a she…all i know is that he/she is damn cute!

i was going for my walk…i’m doing a good pace, heart rate is up…and there is this cat…just down the street.
all of a sudden he comes running at me.  i don’t know whether he is getting ready to make me his personal scratching post or just wants love.
so i stop.
he gets to my feet and starts purring and drops…exposing his belly.
ahhh…he wants love.
who am i to say no??
so i stay a while and love him up…all the while he meows and purrs and poses for my blackberry.
i’d say 5 minutes passed…i put my ear buds back in and said goodbye.
well doesn’t he follow me.  not only follow me but almost trips me….meowing all the while.  we went a good block and he just wasn’t leaving my side.
so i turned around.  i know cats have an awesome sense of where they are…but he just seemed so young…i was afraid if he followed me he wouldn’t remember how to get home.
so back i went with George at my heels…stopping and dropping for the occasional belly rub.
we got back to where i assumed he lived.
i told him to “stay”, “sit”…my apologies…i thought he was a dog.
but he wouldn’t.
oh my.
he was pulling at my heart strings…big time.  i wanted to smoosh him up and take him home with me…but he was well taken care of…and loved by someone else
besides…i so do not need a cat.
i kinda made a sound to scare him so he wouldn’t follow me…and felt bad that perhaps i was a bit too mean.
but he stayed and i felt good that he was safe.

so not only did i get some sweet cat lovin’, but got some extra walking time in.

thanks George, see you next time!

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