yup. that’s exactly how i’ve been feeling. just bleh. i feel like my body is working really hard on fighting some sort of nasty bug.
at least it’s fighting it and not giving in. who wants to be sick in the summer? well anytime really.

I feel like an 18 wheeler ran me over, then put on it’s reverse “beep” and ran me over again for good measure.
I’ve been having moments of feeling like Linda Blair in the Exorcist…as if my head was spinning round and round…and i don’t even want to talk about the nausea.
maybe it was a combination of too much sun, early mornings, go go go days. who knows.
oy vay.
woe is me.
So i haven’t really been inspired to inspire. i have been going to bed soooo unusually early…so i have been neglectful to some of my friends – i’m sorry.
i was going to go home and nap yesterday…but instead we went out for dinner…and then some shopping.
wooohoooo!!! nothing like some retail therapy to make a girl smile 🙂

So whatever this thing inside me is…it can kindly go away now. kthanxbai!
i have a kick ass evening ahead of me and don’t need anything bringing me down.
this week is supposed to be gorgeous weather wise…i don’t want to waste a minute of it being “yucky” and unproductive.

happy tuesday!

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