i have just spent the day at the beach.

my body is glistening from the sun…even tho it was over cast

i am glowing…i am sun kissed…i am in love

and i realize this has nothing to do with being healthy…maybe some may say tht i am not being healthy at all….

but i gotta tell you

i am in love with my life.  i have never felt so in love with everything.
it’s unfamiliar…this love…

this is my life…and someone should pinch me cause surely i am dreaming…

and j, it’s a fuckin’ savage tan. lol

i am currently sitting on a porch…watching the sun set…glowing from the outside in…taking it all in.  and there is much to take in.

feeling my skin tingling.

the day was overcast, however….i had about an hour of pure, intense one on one love from the sun

the sunlight blessing me.  it’s just what i needed.

and now i have just discovered a blackeberry app for wordpress….

this could be a shit load of trouble

tonight, i am just inlove.

that is all

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