my friend has mentioned taking spin classes a couple of times.  each time she has i have felt knots in my stomach.
bee does not do gyms.
i did do gyms…but it was not a good experience.  i got a discount on a membership through my work many moons ago and to be fair i did go alot at first.  but it was just weird changing in front of higher management….these women saw me naked….
brrr…it was just wrong.
not only that…i felt like i was going to a fashion show instead of a place to get sweaty and gross.
women would be dressed to the nines with make up freshly applied.  seriously.  who does that?
anyways…i got really stressed out with the stares and the whispers…cause i became quite the outcast in my t-shirt and work out shorts
apparently that was not apropo attire.
i got so stressed out that i was having mini anxiety attacks,  so i just stopped going.
the only times i was going was when my work crush was there…sad but true.  anything for some eye candy lol

so then a gym was opening up literally right beside my house.  i thought it was great!!  fresh start, close to home…no excuse.
i was a member of that gym for two years and did not step foot in there once.  well i did once, and that was to cancel my membership
money well spent bee.

my friend and i were supposed to take Zumba classes.  have you heard of it?  you can read abit about it here
that never did transpire…maybe i should hit her up on the idea again…

so yeah,  not so sure i want to throw myself back in to the torturous world of “the gym”
i get sweaty palms just thinking about it.

meh, i’ll think about it while i’m laying on the beach, sporting my bikini getting sun kissed all over this weekend 🙂
(more on that at the blog next door)

i have a feeling the answer will still be no.

have an awesome weekend kids

This is an awesome song….enjoy.  click me
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